School Fees


Fee Name/Description Per Student Fee
2020/21 School Year
Fee Category
Gr. 7 Field Trip  No field trips due to COVID Activity Fees
Gr. 8 Field Trip to Calaway Park  No field trips ue to COVID Activity Fees
Beginner Band Workshop (Gr. 6 only) $ 25.00 Activity Fees
Gr. 6 Field Trips  No field trips due to COVID Activity Fees
Gr. 8 Band Trip to Edmonton  No Field trips due to COVID Activity Fees
Spring Band Workshops (Gr. 6, Gr. 7/8 & Jazz) $ 55.00 Activity Fees
Ski Club (optional participation) $ 220.00 / $128.00 / $80.00 Extracurricular Fees
Gr. 7 & 8 Hockey trip to Calgary  No field trips due to COVID Extracurricular Fees
Middle School Athletic fees for Senior Sports Team $ 75.00 Extracurricular Fees
Sports program (Hockey-enhanced option) $ 40.00 Extracurricular Fees
Band (rental school owned instrument if required) $ 125.00 Fees for Optional Courses
Yearbook (Optional) $ 18.00 Non-curricular Goods and Services
Agenda Replacement $ 3.00 Non-curricular Goods and Services
Band (sweater rental) $ 12.00 Non-curricular Goods and Services
Lock Rental  No lockers this year Non-curricular Goods and Services 














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School Fees
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