Registration Process

Eastview Registration - Out of Boundary Students

Students who are resident students living outside of the boundaries of Eastview School are considered to be priority two registrations. They are eligible to apply for acceptance into Eastview School and must submit application to the school principal. Applications will be taken starting March 21, 2018 for the 2018-2019 school year. Acceptance will be considered individually and will be based upon the following:

  1. Eastview school has sufficient resources and space available. If the principal deems that an appropriate program or level of support is not available, application may be denied.

  2. Acceptance will be granted on a year to year basis. This application will be reviewed annually in May/June with the parents and may be denied if resources, space or programming requirements change.

  3. The acceptance of the student in Eastview doesn’t guarantee acceptance into HHHS, as out of boundary students must apply to their respective high schools as a priority two student.

  4. Transportation to and from school shall be the responsibility of the parent.

  5. Parents will be informed by mid June of the current school year on the status of their application.

If you have any other questions, please contact the school principal.

RDPSD Policy 4.01.03 - Parent Choice of Schools

Please familiarize yourself with the District's policy on Priority One, Two and Three students.  Students who live within Eastview's catchment area do not have to apply for acceptance into the school's programming.  Any families living outside our attendance boundaries must fill out the following form.  The school's Administration will determine if there is room &/or resources for Priority Two and Three to attend.  

Waitlist Form for Priority Two and Three Students(and Priority One students who live OUTSIDE the Eastview catchment but do not have access to a particular program within their home boundary)

URL for form: