Registration Process

Grade 8 Students - Transition to Grade 9 at either Hunting Hills High School or Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School

  1. You must fill out the Online Registration Form.  Instructions are here.  All students attending an RDPSD school must fill out this form.

  2. Students currently in Grade 8 at Eastview Middle School will attend the Grade 8 Orientation at the High School  in the catchment area they live in (Eastview is feeder middle school to HHHS, so 'most' of our students transition to HHHS).  The Grade 8 Student Orientation will be held on April 18, 2018 in the afternoon.  ALL Grade 8 Students will attend Orientation at either LTCHS or HHHS that day.  If you do not live in HHHS catchment, you must apply to attend that school.  If you want to attend LTCHS, and you do not live in their catchment, you must apply to attend that school.

  3. Counsellors of each High School will come to EMS in April to register students online for their option classes.  After the Grade 8 Orientation in April at each High School, parents should have discussed with their son/daughter what options should be selected as their top choices.  

  4. If it is currently later than the first week of MAY of your son/daughter's Grade 8 year and your Grade 8 son/daughter has NOT registered for either HHHS or LTCHS, please contact the Eastview Middle School Main Office and we will help get them registered as needed.