Registration Process

If your son/daughter is currently in one of the six feeder elementary schools AND you live in their catchment area (Joseph Welsh, Mountview, GW Smith, Don Campbell, Barrie Wilson, AL Gaetz), you need to do the following:

  1. Register your child online (all parents must fill out the online registration form).  Here are the instructions.  You MUST have a PARENT PowerSchool account that is tied to your son/daughter's PowerSchool account.  Since many elementary students and parents have never used PowerSchool, you may need to find out your child's PowerSchool Access ID and Access Password.  This can only be done through your child's elementary school main office - Eastview does not have access to your son/daughter information until they become our student.

  2. Students in Grade 5 feeder schools will attend our Grade 5 Orientation on May 3, 2018.  Information will be handed out prior to that date.  Additional information about EMS will be handed out the day of the Orientation.  If you missed any of this information, please contact EMS Main Office:  403-343-2455 or drop by our school office and we will happily provide that information for you.

  3. Among other information about EMS, we will send home an Option Choices Sheet with your son/daughter.  That sheet needs to be returned to your child's Grade 5 homeroom teacher by May 8, 2018.  We will use the information you indicate on that sheet to help build the option classes in your child's timetable.

  4. EMS staff will go to the elementary schools during May 9-11 to work with the students and register them in their classes.