Students moving from elementary to middle school can have difficulty relaying information from school to home and vice versa.  Communication is important - both ways - and Eastview Middle School administration and staff make every effort to ensure our students and parents are well informed about all the things happening in our building.

If for ANY reason, you feel like you are not receiving information, please contact the office so we can rectify it.  We attempt to put out information on as many social media platforms, our own website, our School Messenger system, etc.  If you are not receiving these updates, please contact a member of our administration team and we will ensure we work with you to get you the information you need. 


Please visit the Teacher Pages to determine how your child's core teachers inform students (and parents) about homework and assignments.  In Grades 6 & 7, Eastview core teachers use the Student Agenda as the main communication tool between school and home. Typically, there is no homework in Option classes, however, if a student falls behind on a project in Art, Fashion, CTS or other options, they may ask to stay in at the noon recess or after school (with parent permission) to get caught up on projects in those classes - under the teacher's supervision and direction.

Social Media - Ways to stay informed:

  1. Eastview Middle School Website - we endeavor to keep our website as current and updated as possible.  Please use this website as your point of first reference.
  2. PowerSchool - track your child's attendance and marks/grades through PowerSchool.  You must have your own Parent Account through PowerSchool to access.  Follow these instructions.  If you have ANY problems signing up, please see Mrs. Roberts in the Main Office for help or email Mrs. Roberts.

  3. EMS Student Agenda Book for Grade 6 & 7 - all students in Grade 6 and 7 have an Eastview Student Agenda.  Teachers make a point of using this agenda to communicate information between home and school.  Homework, assignments, quizzes, tests, projects and other important information are written in the student agenda regularly - in most homerooms, they write in their agendas DAILY.  If you are not seeing the agenda come home on a regular basis, ask your child first why they are not bringing it home.  If there is an issue (lost agenda, etc.), contact your child's Homeroom teacher via email.
  4. Facebook - follow us on Facebook
  5. Instagram - follow us on Instagram
  6. Twitter - follow us on Twitter
  7. School Messenger Tool - any time we have vital information to send out, we may choose to a phone fan - to a particular grade, a particular class, or to the whole school.  The phone fan is set up to go to your listed HOME PHONE number for your child.  If this changes, please update via the R.S.V.P. process.  The School Messenger Tool can also send out emails and text messages to your cell phone (sometimes we choose all three to ensure important information gets home).  To receive text messages, please text YES to 978338. (Be aware that we must have the cell number you are texting from associated with your student.) Please ensure the office always has your updated home phone number, cell number and email address that you regularly check.
  8. Weekly Parent Announcements - Emailed to our families every Monday. Also accessible on our website's main page - click on the appropriate rotating banner.